It’s the big day, and we’ll make the event site live for the opening keynote session welcoming everyone to the day and explaining how it will all work.

From there on, people are free to create their own agenda and spend their time in the zones that interest them.

Some activities we would suggest making available are:

Live keynote speeches throughout the day. These can either be streamed from home or for a more professional effect, how about streaming them live from a professional studio. This way we can provide staging and studio technology to make it look and feel like a live event, just from the comfort of delegates own homes.

When watching keynotes, viewers will be able to click a button to request that the PPT slides from the keynote are sent to them after the speech. This gives you a great temperature check on how valued the session was.

During the sessions, we’ll add in lots of interactivity including polling and Q&A. We’ll also offer regular energisers and breaks throughout sessions to minimise any screen fatigue.

A virtual space for networking and coffee catch ups, whether this is a virtual room focused around a specific topic or personal meeting links that people can exchange if they’d like a private meeting.

Alongside all the live action, we’ll have an extensive selection of pre-recorded material that is available on demand so people can watch at a time that suits them.

One to one demonstration slots where sponsors and exhibitors can showcase their new products or processes.

Sessions where guests can watch a best practise demo showing you inside some successful manufacturing areas; think ‘Inside The Factory’ on your laptop, rather than the TV!

Breakouts and workshops on key topics throughout the day.

An online E-Training area where people can brush up their knowledge or even work towards an online qualification.

‘Virtual Topic Tours’ bookable in advance where hosts from the Manufacturing Institute host a series of talks and demos around a specific topic – this allows like minded individuals to experience an event journey together tailored around a topic of interest.