Based on the restrictions we are experiencing today; we know that some presenters will need to feed into the event via their home.

This is perfectly possible and workable. There are of course limitations and things which need to be tested such as internet speeds, but our team will work from a control centre to ensure that we are controlling everything we possibly can, technically. Your presenters will come into a backstage area of the broadcast, like on a live event and our technicians will work with them to ensure they are comfortable, their slides are on screen when they need to be and most importantly they are ready to speak when it’s their time.

Alternatively, as restrictions ease our Studio at Top Banana is a great place to host the virtual event. Our fully equipped large broadcast studio allows us to run small socially distanced events. The presenters can be together to deliver the event, with HD cameras and sound it ensures optimum quality. It also means all presenters can feel fully comfortable with no anxiety around technicalities, they simply present as they would in the live environment and let us worry about everything else. This option also means we can have control of the ‘scene’, creating a TV show feel.

Of course, if Broome feels like a long way to come, we can look to hire a large space near you and set up a remote studio there to accommodate the event (adhering to social distancing guidelines!)

All the options can be professionally mixed with our highly skilled and experienced technical teams and transmitted directly on the website. As we’ve said, these can be live or pre-recorded.