Taking the event online removes any barriers to attendance numbers which opens up a great opportunity to try something different with your ticketing options.

Some options we’d suggest are:

Company licenses whereby their ticket purchase gives them access to 10 spaces at the virtual event for a reduced cost

Live tickets where you have full access to the entire event including keynote speeches and ‘on demand’ tickets where you can access the portal for a lower fee however will only have access to select areas of the site

Half day tickets, to give intrigued prospects a low risk taste of the event, you could consider ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’ tickets to give people a flavour of the event at a perceived low risk price point thereby increasing your reach and engagement for future events


When it comes to selling the tickets, we’d recommend a professional ticketing platform such as Eventbrite. This offers a great user experience with streamlined back end management in return for a small percentage of your ticket sales.

Once guests have purchased their ticket, they will automatically receive a confirmation email confirming their space. Nearer the event day, we will send them a branded email complete with their personal link to join the event along with a one time use password (or more than one if they purchased a company license). Having this password protection protects your content and ensures people aren’t sharing access to the event without purchasing a ticket.