Setting the Scene

Year on year Avon gathers sales leaders, business development managers and the head office team for their national sales meeting. 2020 had other plans for the live event that normally engages the business, so this year top banana took the event online.

However, a world of opportunities opened up and gave AVON the opportunity to, for the first time, invite all remote AVON representatives, expanding the audience and potential to the biggest it’s ever been…

Bringing their story to life

The name and #WATCHMENOW hashtag lead the event, with delegates focussing on sharing, social-ing and celebrating AVON’s brand, latest product range and star employees/sellers. The days consisted of product launches, live interviews, giveaways and sharing success and top tips from the last year – all rounded up by a virtual celebration. The highlight for most? Lisa Armstrong launching her exclusive AVON collection, live and in person. Lisa came into the Top Banana studio to reveal that her new collection was exclusively being sold by AVON, as well as a socially distanced makeup a demo on a live model and special representative access to a 1 day only product offers gave her launch an awesome head start.

The Results...

98% increase in digital sales after the opening day

31 Thousand emoji reactions over a 5-minute period (during the Christmas pyjama launch)

71 Million Social impressions over the 3 day event


Setting the scene

Having previously worked with Premier Inn and Restaurants on business events, in 2019 Top Banana pitched and won their biggest celebratory event of the year. The event followed the coming together of Premier Inn and Restaurants (PI&R) with an aim to celebrate becoming one business, the fantastic team and showcase what makes P&IR special. Though traditionally an evening event, the brand wanted to introduce a content element focused on its internal CSR programme, Force for Good. It was vital that the event focussed on the programmes three pillars – Opportunity, Community and Responsibility, so, we built the event with sustainability and inclusivity in mind - for the 5000 strong delegates that would be attending for the day.


Although an important business message was being delivered, the mood of the event needed to be celebratory and fun. We created an inspiring programme of content, including motivational stories shared by people from across the business on how PI&R makes a positive impact in its local communities and a performance from a Down Syndrome Choir. Awards for categories including Amazing Apprentice and Hotel of the Year were handed out throughout the afternoon by no other than Rylan Clark Neal, which was followed by an incredible evening of entertainment featuring food stalls, full fairground rides and entertainment acts including Pixie Lott, Craig David and Pete Tong.


To make the event inclusive for all, we gender-neutralised everything, which meant changing the registration process, paying close attention to all communications especially the script, and building gender-neutral toilet facilities. We looked at responsible sourcing at a detailed level, ensuring everything from the cotton in the hotel beds to every ingredient on the menu was sourced in a sustainable way. Where possible, carbon impact was reduced, for example by reducing the number of vehicles on-site, and we brought in our own team to handle waste and make sure everything was recycled and disposed of in the correct way.

The Results... The core message resonated with the audience, with over 90% saying they could identify with the messaging and felt empowered to be a “Force For Good”. As well as this, the MD of the business stated that this was the best event they had ever hosted – and we even won 2020 C&IT Celebratory Event of the Year for our efforts on the project.


The Brief DFS faced a huge challenge in 2018 as they completed a merger with a former competitor and needed to bring all of their people together to deliver a major group-wide transformation. As communication was key, they called on top-b to generate a shift in mind-set and achieve a family mentality. How did we help? Top Banana created a new ‘people brand’ #GreatTogether which encouraged working together and starting conversations through a new set of group-wide values, which inspired specific and relevant behaviours in different business units. We consistently bought the new brand to life in creative ways, by re-branding everything from the HR and Payroll system to the DFS HQ into the #GreatTogether message, so the values would naturally become a part of everyday life. The Results Thanks to the effectiveness of the campaign and the commitment of the leadership team, the values are now common language across the group and are driving the desired behaviours. They’re present throughout the colleague journey in induction, training and performance management.


The Brief Skills of the Future was an all colleague event series aimed to introduce the 10 key ‘Skills of the Future’ through an immersive experience. The brief was to create a visual physical set up and learning experience that would inspire employees across the UK to learn more and champion learning in their teams.

The leading banking group wanted the events to look and feel different from past corporate events they had done, creating a more playful approach that would attract and engage employees.

The Solution

The Top Banana team created Skillsville; an immersive experience that playfully blended a creative physical environment with a fully customised application. The environment was brought to life through an eye-catching design of an imaginary city built around the Skills of the Future.

Each Skill was carefully matched to a specific and relevant location within the city. A physical mazelike installation was designed for colleagues to journey through the city in 3D formation to find and collect all 10 Skills. Using an interlocking panel design, the environment could not only be stored, assembled and transported easily but also be adapted depending on the space available at each environment.

The Future This series of learning events was just the beginning of Skillsville, as Top Banana are now working with the leading banking group to turn the application into a bespoke website to continue hosting all interactive content and reach colleagues who were unable to attend a roadshow event. The business’s aim is for the content to reach as many of the 65,000 colleagues as possible, from across various sectors of the business to continue to raise awareness of the Skills of the Future and promote learning.


The Brief As well as their ambition to grow their business by double, Experian wanted to show that data can do more than pull out facts and figures; it helps change people lives. Through a targeted campaign, Top Banana were asked to drive real emotional engagement– showcasing the power of Experian and helping employees understand the impact their work has on people’s lives. How did we help? Top Banana created a strategic campaign that targeted the data gurus of the company that may have been disengaged with the human/ customer side of Experian. Through an immersive AR experience, employees were given a sense of purpose as they were shown real life stories of people whose lives changed socially, economically, and personally, because of the data Experian uses – letting staff know that what they do helps empower people and make their dreams a reality. The Results Through a roadshow, intranet platform and internal strategic communications campaign that centred around the company’s existing core values – Top Banana helped Experian gain 3500 employee ambassadors who could be representatives for the business, understanding the power of data, the power of Experian and how what they do changes lives for the better.