A little more about Top Banana


At Top Banana, our mission is to help businesses communicate better. We do this through the creation and development of imaginative communications that excite, immerse and engage – moments that connect the head and the heart and deliver measurable, tangible results.

But how, we hear you cry? Let’s break it down…

This is about how we use creativity with meaning, it’s not about being creative for creative’s sake, it’s being clever about how we use media and design to communicate your messages. We love to work with clients during times of change, challenge and growth, when we have to work hard to get everyone on the same page and connect with your strategy.

We’ll challenge you every step of the way, at every level, to ensure that your messages translate across to your audience. We will offer all the support needed to ensure that your communications are the best they can be and we’ll speak up when needed to guarantee effective delivery from the perspective of your people.

We really believe in creating tangible results that prove a real return on investment. We will always encourage you to put measurables in place that we can demonstrate this success and we never lose sight of the end game. Once we know what it is you want to achieve, we will design your communications to meet those objectives.

We have constantly maintained a belief in our points of difference and followed a long-term vision, growing the business with integrity.

Founded 20 years ago

Over 50 employees

Full service agency with proven experience

Offices in the Midlands, Manchester and London

Deliver over 150 projects a year

As we’ve grown, we’ve developed our unique and robust ways of working, which can be tailored to each client’s specific needs, to deliver quality results again and again. This has led to us building ongoing relationships with some of the world’s most renowned brands and organisations.


Not only do we have an amazing track record for delivering outstanding experiences across the world for brands and businesses, large and small…

We believe relationships are key to any successful partnership. You will have a dedicated project team which will flex up and down depending on the needs of the project at any one time. We find that the nature of our work (long hours, tight deadlines, last minute requests, changing briefs, pushing boundaries...) definitely draws people together and so many of our clients have become firm friends over the years whom we enjoy real open and trusting relationships with. We live and breathe our values and hopefully these will come across throughout the project, not only in our ideas that we present, but in the way we work. We are genuine and upfront, so you will always know where you stand on every aspect of each project. We are responsible, hold ourselves to account and strive to get things right, first time, every time.