The Brief: DFS faced a huge challenge in 2018 as they completed a merger with a former competitor and needed to bring all of their people together to deliver a major group-wide transformation. As communication was key, they called on top-b to generate a shift in mind-set and achieve a family mentality. How did we help? Top Banana created a new ‘people brand’ #GreatTogether which encouraged working together and starting conversations through a new set of group-wide values, which inspired specific and relevant behaviours in different business units. We consistently bought the new brand to life in creative ways, by re-branding everything from the HR and Payroll system to the DFS HQ into the #GreatTogether message, so the values would naturally become a part of everyday life. The Results Thanks to the effectiveness of the campaign and the commitment of the leadership team, the values are now common language across the group and are driving the desired behaviours. They’re present throughout the colleague journey in induction, training and performance management.


The Brief: As well as their ambition to grow their business by double, Experian wanted to show that data can do more than pull out facts and figures; it helps change people lives. Through a targeted campaign, Top Banana were asked to drive real emotional engagement– showcasing the power of Experian and helping employees understand the impact their work has on people’s lives. How did we help? Top Banana created a strategic campaign that targeted the data gurus of the company that may have been disengaged with the human/ customer side of Experian. Through an immersive AR experience, employees were given a sense of purpose as they were shown real life stories of people whose lives changed socially, economically, and personally, because of the data Experian uses – letting staff know that what they do helps empower people and make their dreams a reality. The Results Through a roadshow, intranet platform and internal strategic communications campaign that centred around the company’s existing core values – Top Banana helped Experian gain 3500 employee ambassadors who could be representatives for the business, understanding the power of data, the power of Experian and how what they do changes lives for the better.


The Brief: To launch the new Bacardi internal search tool, Kaleo across multiple markets through a series of activations. How did we help? Top Banana worked to create a series of assets and activations that would raise awareness and encourage usage of the new tool. These ranged from lunch and learn sessions, to desk drops, to taking over meeting rooms with clings to screen savers on all machines. The Results The multi-channel approach raised both awareness and created super users of the tool allowing Bacardi employees to be more efficient in their day to day work.


The Brief: Lloyds Banking Group were looking for an internal campaign that would discover what bureaucracy meant to their employees and what the internal drivers of bureaucracy were at the company. Their aim? To share with staff that everyone has a part to play in transforming the way they work and building long term traction that would help end bureaucracy at Lloyds. How did we help? Using an integrated, multi-channel launch approach, we introduced the narrative, raised awareness, and built understanding of bureaucracy. The campaign was about painting a positive vision of a life without bureaucracy and using the campaign tag #freedup – we captured emotional responses from employees and triggered conversations through messaging that was empowering and allowed colleagues to shape their own conversation agendas. The Results Top Banana produced a disruptive, gorilla style campaign that empowered people to overcome bureaucracy by encouraging conversations through leadership endorsement, posters, digital communications, desk-drop’s, online forums and the #freedup hashtag. Creating it into a legacy piece, ongoing monthly comms, stories and rewards for recognised behaviour made the campaign into part of everyday conversation at Lloyds and changed the companies internal narrative.


Setting the scene: At Costa, coffee is considered an art and their baristas artisans... that’s why they consider their baristas their most important ingredient. Every year they celebrate this through a world-wide competition to find their coffee supremo and crown them ‘Barista of the Year’. The aim of the event is to celebrate their pride, passion and personality and ability to make great coffee. Bringing strategy to life The large stage hosted three fully working coffee stations where the Baristas made their own unique signature coffee under the watchful eyes of the celebrity judges as well as taking part in a high-speed, tense espresso race. The infamous Costa brand was boldly displayed in each space including the “hall of fame” style gallery where the finalist’s pictures were displayed with pride. The event is filled with excitement and suspense, as the Barista of the Year’s name was announced the audience erupted into applause and cheers. Measuring facts, feelings and high fives For Costa this celebratory event isn’t about the quantitative ROI, for them it is measured by a much longer lasting impact of staff retention, brand advocacy and an ongoing passion for coffee.

Lisa Morgan, Head of Global Internal Communication at Costa comments “This year’s Barista of the Year event surpassed all expectations and we have had exceptional feedback from the audience who attended the event. Top Banana strive to please their clients whilst ensuring that they deliver within budget. They covered everything and did a magnificent job of keeping every detail on track.”