We recommend you launch the Home of Consumer as part of Marc’s Consumer Live broadcast.

We would create a Teaser VT to play that launches the campaign and teases the highlights, giving viewers something to be excited about. No doubt your teams are used to the excitement of their golden quarter activations, so launching it now gives everyone the clarity that there is still something to look forward to, it may just be a slight variation on what they’re used to!


Once the campaign has launched, we will support this with sending everyone a link to log into the home and create their own profile and password.

For EE and BT employees, there will also be the opportunity to book their timeslot for a virtual experience with the brand leaders. We can leave this down to the team leaders discretion or we can make it a mandatory requirement to ensure that all the stores and contact centres are getting the time with the business leaders. The remainder of October will be focused on teasing what’s to come, getting people registered for the virtual world and spreading excitement and anticipation.