We know your partner products are key and need to be showcased, so we gave some thought into the most high impact and effective ways to achieve this.

We would look to introduce ‘partner takeovers’ of the virtual environment where all content is themed around a specific partner and their products for the day. Bringing this in into a face to face environment, partners could sponsor the countdown cube for a day to promote their products. This would work in a similar way to exhibitions where your partners are provided with the space, and can then get creative to bring this to life and portray their key messages.

We’ll work together to curate a selection of prizes for your various demographics of the business.

Although you do have a healthy prize budget, we’d look to work with your partners to glean some of those big-ticket flagship prizes to maximise your budget. We also understand that you still intend to run a separate Surprise and Delight campaign. On top of that, you could send gift boxes to people providing small touchpoints along the way rather than a one-off voucher.