The campaign will be made up of three strands; a virtual space, face to face engagement and a strong social presence to drive awareness and excitement.

Consumer is made up of 3 great brands, all offering products and services that are relevant in the home, so for your Christmas internal comms campaign, why not celebrate all three brands under one roof? The home of the best products, great deals and the home of Christmas. Rather than a cold empty virtual space, the home is full of energy and emotion - full of familiarity and fun. At Christmas, Home is a place for family, a time to gather around the TV on the sofa and a time to celebrate together in the same place. It makes sense for your products. You make customers lives easier and simpler in and out of the home, provide a seamless connection when they leave it, and the best of everything when they return to it. For all of the reasons above, we’re basing our campaign around:

The Home of Consumer

It’s something that feels tactile for those who work remotely during the lockdown period and also gives a nice mechanic to celebrate the best of the brands, in a joined up approach.

As a tagline to the theme, we’ve introduced ‘Countdown to Christmas’. This is based upon wanting to recreate the excitement people feel counting down to Christmas Day in December. The idea is based around that of an advent calendar, where you open a door to reveal something really engaging and different every day. It evokes feelings of anticipation and excitement. We all know the feeling if waiting eagerly to open the door and see what lies behind it, with this campaign, we produce something new and something to anticipate every day. We’ve made sure that the identity doesn’t create a sub-brand, but works with the consumer collective and provides an interactive timeline for the golden quarter, getting your teams on board, equipping them with product knowledge so they’re ready to sell and also celebrating and recognising stand out people.


We’ll create an exciting 3D virtual space, from which your teams can experience all of the action across November and December. This online environment will be packed full of on-demand content, product information, games and opportunities to win prizes. As well as on-demand, we are also proposing two live touchpoints throughout the quarter (Black Friday and Christmas House Party) where we would broadcast from the BT Studios out to frontline staff via the virtual Home of Consumer Environment.


Should government guidelines allow, we would look to enhance this online activity with socially distant physical activations in key stores, contact centres and homes. More of which is to come, later in this proposal...


To support the activities, we will create a strong campaign on Facebook Workplace with daily updates and activity. As the countdown progresses, there will be a post each day revealing what action your teams can get involved with on that particular day. The posts will direct teams back to the virtual environment where they can get involved to win prizes.

We’re conscious that each brand has its own very clear identity and requirements, so, we would look to tailor the creative to be bespoke for each brand. The overall concept for the brands is the same, but we will ensure each brand has their own personal experience with touchpoints that are relevant to their requirements. We will detail how this could work for each brand as we go through the proposal.