November will be all about building up to Christmas and equipping your teams with the tools, knowledge, and enthusiasm they need to make the most of the quarter.

Although the leadership roadshows aren’t able to take place this year in the format your teams are used to, it’s still important to give teams the time with their leaders, especially as the value of this shone through strongly in last years employee feedback. Team leaders will be able to book their slot for a ‘Virtual Check In’ on registering, their registration will be followed up by a mystery box sent to their store, contact centre or home. The box will contain a ‘house warming’ gift to welcome teams to the Home of Consumer. This could include a branded mug, brew and biscuits for people to enjoy during their check-ins.

When the teams' timeslot arrives, we want it to be fun and memorable! They won’t just be joining for ten-minute chat, they will take part in a fun and immersive ‘Challenge the Leaders’ game, facilitated by the leadership member. This gives the teams the chance to spend some time with your leaders without having an awkward and forced Zoom call! The challenge will be built bespoke for each brand and we will design it to include key brand messaging in a fun way to showcase partner products and networks, launch your offers and Christmas creative. To provide a personalised experience for your teams, we will work with you to equip the leadership teams with all the information they need to ensure their calls are a fun, engaging, informative and personalised experience for all involved. We shouldn’t forget those in the workforce who will be working from home and for this demographic, we would suggest pooling them into groups for the call, where we would create a challenge that is suitable for those dialling in from home. It’s important that these people still get a fun and engaging experience and don’t feel forgotten about.


To enhance the virtual retail challenges, we’d suggest some face to face activity. This activity would be filmed and shared online via the Home of Consumer to build buzz, so everyone can feel a part of the action. CONTACT CENTRES We understand that you’d look to offer the Surprise and Delight campaign throughout contact centres and would recommend that this continues as usual throughout November. We’ve made special consideration for people working from home below where they may not be present to receive their hamper. In this case, we would suggest a digital voucher for teams followed up with the opportunity to be part of a larger prize draw. HOMEWORKING Through the virtual portal, home workers can nominate themselves or a colleague for the chance to win a ‘homeworking picnic party’. A winner from each brand would be selected and we’d set up a surprise thank you at their home, to include a visit from your Manager complete with picnic, champagne and a special prize. RETAIL STORES Throughout November, we’ll send our cheeky Christmas elves into stores disguised as mystery shoppers. They’ll chat to teams in stores before revealing that they are in fact the undercover elf and have come bearing prizes!


Our first live broadcast event would be the arrival of Black Friday deals.

Ahead of the broadcast, we’d send everyone a branded popcorn pack with their ‘exclusive ticket’ to join the Black Friday broadcast.

To celebrate the event, the online environment would totally change; a large truck would pull in front of the house and cover the outside of the house in shopping bags filled with Consumer products. Viewers would then click on the giant billboard outside the house to access the Black Friday Home Shopping Broadcast. This would be a high energy, interactive hour of live content hosted by some BT sponsored talent. We would use this hour to educate viewers about the Black Friday deals but in a fun, comedic and memorable way. Broadcast from the BT Studios, we would create our own home shopping channel as a tongue in cheek way of showcasing the deals available.

As well as updates from key retail leaders, we would harness the experience of brand ambassadors throughout the business to showcase the latest partner offers. Rather than this being a one way broadcast, we would incorporate lots of interactivity like ‘guess the price’, ‘higher or lower’ polling and the opportunity for live feedback via our fun emoji mechanic. To make this accessible for all, we would look to broadcast this an hour before stores open.