What does this 3D virtual environment look like we hear you cry?!

We have created some visuals so you can see for yourself. The exterior of the house will be Consumer branded with individual nods to each of the brands. However on entering the front door, individuals will be in a room specifically for their brand so they have access to the most relevant content. This way, we’re giving the brands the same joined-up experience but ensuring that the messages are tailored and relevant.


We want to make this environment exciting and encourage people to come back and visit often.

To encourage this, we will create a dynamic environment that changes each day with the sun rising and setting. The large countdown number behind the house will change and as we get closer to Christmas, little nods to the festive season will appear such as a Christmas tree, snowman, and it may even snow one day! The large billboard outside the house will provide a way of communicating certain messages to all three brands and will also be the portal to tune into the live broadcasts throughout the quarter. Below is a sneak peek into the individual brand rooms. Although all rooms have their own unique personality and brand feel, there are some core elements we have kept across all three rooms:

Recognition wall A space to publicly recognise and praise teams or individuals and celebrate your best people along with community and CSR projects

Competition Fridge Displays the activity leader board and contains different prizes each week

Check In Sofa A space to book and attend your virtual retail sessions with a brand leader

Space to learn about product and partners

Place for daily games/challenges

As you will see, we’ve tailored each brands environment around their individual identity and will develop these further once Christmas campaigns have been released to ensure all branding is aligned and up to date.