December marks the launch of 25 days of Christmas fun and we’ll mark the occasion by transforming the virtual environment into a Christmas wonderland. It’ll be snowing and soft Christmas music will play to mark the start of the festive month. The focus of the month will be employee engagement and recognition. We’ll launch a series of fun challenges for teams to partake in and gain points to climb up the fridge leaderboard, with the incentive of an impressive prize for the top three teams. These challenges will include:

  • TikTok challenges and duets.
  • Using your access to BT sponsored challenge to create fun challenges like a football TEKKERZ challenge with Rio Ferdinand; Me-o vs Rio
  • Christmas stories with the leadership team; a series of short tongue in cheek Christmas stories read by brand leaders. We will tailor these stories to be relevant, topical and humorous
  • A daily quiz round is released with three quick-fire questions around customer offers and partner products
  • Colleagues can nominate people for shout outs on the recognition wall
  • Posting your community and charity activity on the pledge wall, people can then access these stories and vote for the initiative they feel deserves the most points

These challenges will be released and promoted through Facebook Workplace and other relevant internal comms platforms to build buzz and excitement around the campaign. Having something new and different every day will keep people in anticipation, giving people something new and fresh to be excited about each day. The more you do and the more you take part in the higher up the leaderboard you go!


Although online is great, nothing beats face to face, so we’d suggest some little physical touchpoints throughout December to bring the virtual environment to life. We know your people may still be working all over the place so it’s important to make sure we’re capturing as many of your working demographics as possible. At the beginning of the month, we’ll launch ‘The Countdown Cube’ – a physical cube that will be popping up at various locations around the UK with the chance to win prizes. This is how this could look across your various working environments:

STORE ENGAGEMENT Overnight, the countdown cube would appear outside a new key store. We will work with you to determine which store is right, this could be top-performing stores or ones that have engaged most with the virtual world. Inside the cube is a celebrity presenter who challenges the store to interact with the cube and complete a fun activity for the chance to win prizes. Using the cube environment allows us to closely control the activity to comply with all social distancing guidelines, it also provides us with a portable environment that can easily be cleaned and sanitised in-between visits. We can make these activities as whacky or as business-focused as is relevant for each brand and a couple of ideas we’ve had include: - Fill the glass cube with helium balloons that can be in the relevant brand colours. Competitors need to pop as many as possible in thirty seconds as there could be prizes hidden within the balloons.

- One team member enters the cube and acts out charades to their team who must guess as many correct as possible, there is then a UK wide leaderboard to spark some healthy competition.

CONTACT CENTRE ENGAGEMENT The cube at contact centres gives employees the chance to have five days extra annual leave with our ‘Win A Week Off Work’ challenge. In this challenge, there are five rounds of fun activities where contestants are eliminated in each round until we have two people left for a final challenge. They then pull a giant cracker (so giant it complies with social distancing!) and the person who has the largest half wins a week off work. These are simple challenges, that don’t cost a lot and can be easily monitored but will build a huge buzz across the business. And we’ll work with you to make sure they don’t take the time out during the peak period!

WORKING FROM HOME ENGAGEMENT A special online challenge is released for home workers where they are randomly twinned against other homeworkers from the business to take part in online competitions. The top four people who win the most twinning challenges have the opportunity to win big through ‘The Countdown Cube LIVE’. They will be able to select who from the leadership team will do the final challenge on their behalf and watch their leadership member take on the Countdown Cube in a special 20-minute live session, just for home workers. The leadership team will each be assigned a Christmas object and have 30 seconds to grab as many of these as possible in a cash grabber style activity within the cube. The leadership member who finishes with the most of their object wins the top prize for their homeworker! To link these face to face activities back to the virtual environment, we’ll send a film crew out to capture the best bits of the countdown cube activity to share online.