Human Nature


We are authentic - both in our client exchanges, and when creating communications with their audiences.

We understand the potential power of emotion in face to face interactions at live events, and the ability that a campaign, piece of creative media or content has to educate, inform, inspire and ultimately - change thought.

We connect the Head and the Heart.

Our team is different in that respect. We stand out because although we get the science and the strategy, we speak in a language which we all understand. We celebrate the fun, energy, and social nature of people, and bring communication to life in a way that is familiar, felt, and understood.

Working inside out


Making sure that the communication reflects and works for the culture within our business, and that of our clients.


Imaginative Thinking why not? Outside the box


Genuine Honest Integrity


Ownership Accountable Doing the right things right


Enthusiastic Heart & Soul Go the extra mile



Live, Virtual and Hybrid

Always conceived to support your strategic vision; we work globally to deliver events that connect people emotionally with business strategy. A live event is a live event and we've got virtual, hybrid and live covered. We've had really good results creating amazing events where people and technology come together, - love to show you how.


Big or small

Whether the audience is super big, or small and intimate, we'll manage the logistics and the detail. There isn't a lot we can't do, from experiential expos that work physically and digitally, to live broadcasts that make the most of our resources and yours


At home or away

Our incentive team focus on providing a level of difference and detail, above and beyond just rewording a DMC search. We have new products and ways or rewarding and recognising people and performance that inspire, motivate, and keep things moving.

Design and Creative

Whether it’s an exciting branding project or creating engaging event content, our Creative Studio are constantly coming up with fresh ways of sharing your messages.

We have a team who can produce great 2D graphic designs and 3D modelling, articulate creative ideas, create live and motion graphics – basically everything you would expect from a design house. But, because we understand our business, and are able to get close to our clients through account teams - we’re able to make the right media for the right project from the get-go.

Strategic and Insight

As we have developed closer and deeper relationships with many of our clients, so our role as strategic comms partners has evolved. Today we have clients for whom our proposition is based upon the articulation of people and culture strategy, EVP, Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values work, helping to bring these components to life for internal and external audiences.

We are able to provide this service because of our uncomplicated approach - connecting with a network of subject specialists who help provide insight at key stages. This insight helps our clients quickly identify the scope of work, before moving into tactical delivery of comms to support their business change to their employees and other audiences.


We are film-makers and every film we create is conceived to spark emotion, inspire audiences and help people discover untold stories. We create a connection between stories and audience that stimulates emotion, provokes interest and inspires action. Whether you already have a brief or just a lightbulb moment that you want to explore, our corporate film production team get under the skin of your company to find your narrative and share your message in a way that’s totally unique to you.


Our digital offerings help our client events and campaigns. Whether it’s an app, website, social content, games or 3D navigable world, our developers, designers and UX team can innovate and create, and sometimes even utilise an off the shelf solution that’s ready to go.

Venue Sourcing

With our years of experience, industry relationships and expert knowledge, our team negotiate better rates and contracts for awesome venues… at no extra cost to you.

Our Hive venue platform is best in class, with a great user experience, live updates and access to our team – it’s also a great white label product which we can de-badge or re-badge for you.

Right now, your search might be for a green screen studio close to you, a hotel with great track and trace systems, or just a venue where things can feel the most normal - either way, we’re on it.

Campaign & Activation

Cultural and long-lasting business change needs to be felt rather than simply communicated and this is difficult to do with a single moment in time. By creating a campaign plan, and a programme of activation, employees are better able to shape and advocate change, and employers are able to monitor movement toward ambition, and break down messages into staged communication.

Whether you have a fully formed internal comms function, or whether you’re still building towards one, we’re able to support with ideas, planning and activation – bringing ambition to life through our other delivery services, whether that’s a live event, social, film, digital, or any other channel that works best for your audience.

Case Studies


The Brief As well as their ambition to grow their business by double, Experian wanted to show that data can do more than pull out facts and figures; it helps change people lives. Through a targeted campaign, Top Banana were asked to drive real emotional engagement– showcasing the power of Experian and helping employees understand the impact their work has on people’s lives.

How did we help? Top Banana created a strategic campaign that targeted the data gurus of the company that may have been disengaged with the human/ customer side of Experian. Through an immersive AR experience, employees were given a sense of purpose as they were shown real life stories of people whose lives changed socially, economically, and personally, because of the data Experian uses – letting staff know that what they do helps empower people and make their dreams a reality.

The Results Through a roadshow, intranet platform and internal strategic communications campaign that centred around the company’s existing core values – Top Banana helped Experian gain 3500 employee ambassadors who could be representatives for the business, understanding the power of data, the power of Experian and how what they do changes lives for the better.

Bacardi Best 10 Leader Summit

Setting the Scene The business has recently been through a challenging period, To get the business back to growth, Bacardi created a new ten-year global strategy that needed to be communicated throughout the business starting with senior leaders. The objective was to create a milestone Senior Leaders Summit bringing Bacardi’s global leaders together as one team and inspire them to deliver the best 10 years the business has ever seen.

Bringing Strategy to Life The venue, Penha Longa Resort just outside Lisbon, was transformed into the home of Bacardi for the duration of the three-day event, with a bar-inspired backdrop to create the main plenary room. To fully immerse the Bacardi Primo’s in the new strategy the event included high-energy emotive films, interactive panel sessions, a TV style quiz show, breakouts involving interviews with actual customers and a consumer safari in Lisbon. To encourage ownership of Best 10 among all 160 leaders attending, every single person signed a statement of intent on the final day.

The Results "I think Top Banana was flawless from start to finish. I don’t think that “F” word has ever come out of my mouth!!! This whole meeting was something special from the beginning of our plotting and so important for the company. Just can’t thank you enough - and the whole team. You truly are family. " KC Kavanagh, Global Chief Communications Office, Bacardi

Avon National Sales Meeting

Setting the Scene Year on year Avon gathers sales leaders, business development managers and the head office team for their national sales meeting. 2020 had other plans for the live event that normally engages the business, so this year we took the event online. However, a world of opportunities opened up and gave AVON the opportunity to, for the first time, invite all remote AVON representatives, expanding the audience and potential to be the biggest it's ever been.

Bringing Strategy to Life The name and #WATCHMENOW hashtag lead the event, with delegates focussing on sharing, social-ing employees / sellers. The days consisted of product launches, live interviews, giveaways and sharing success and top tips from the last year all rounded up by a virtual celebration. The highlight for most? Lisa Armstrong launching her exclusive AVON collection, live and in person. Lisa came into the Top Banana studio to reveal that her new collection was exclusively being sold by AVON, as well as a socially distanced make up demo on a live model and special representative access to a 1 day only product offers gave her launch an awesome head start.

The Results 98% increase in digital sales after the opening day

31,000 emoji reactions over a 5 minute period (during the Christmas pyjama launch)

71 MILLION Social impressions over the 3 day event