Virtual events are still live events - and luckily enough they're our bread and butter.

We’ve got virtual and hybrid covered and have had awesome results creating amazing events where people and technology come together. We can create the same magic for your delegates in a virtual environment as we can a live one, and actually, getting the team together and re-engaging employees into the right mindset is going to be fundamental to 2021's success. It’s more than just re-invigorating sales teams and setting goals – we’ve been physically apart and disconnected for months, and this is prime opportunity to re-instate culture, values and transparency for your businesses future, which for many is looking different to what you anticipated at the start of 2020...

Hand-feeding your employees a moment to re-connect with leaders, the business and one another is going give everyone the space to re-set, re-evaluate and feel part of something great again.

Getting the message right and ensuring it’s powerful is just one part... it needs to look epic as well. You probably found it a little hard to get your head around it, to begin with - same here! But, as “thinkers” and “doers” we have thrown ourselves in headfirst, working closely with our clients to produce virtual events that would rival many a face-to-face conference. Take a look at the kind of work we’ve been doing over the last few months and for the sake of the good old times, you should check out our original showreel too. That way, you can know with confidence that we are experts in live event production, working with audiences of 10’s to 1000’s, worldwide.