Social media doesn't just have to be for our home lives, so why not switch over to the other side and see how social can dial up your internal communications?

Most of us are working from a Facebook Workplace or a Yamma, and they've proved to be vital in replacing the office environment over the last six months. It's also one of the easiest places to dial up your communication - you've already got your audience all in one place, people are already engaging with it on a day to day basis... So why not use it to #takeremotecontrol?


A lot of workplaces have had marathon runners, Tough Mudders and 3 Peak challenges cancelled this year, so when it comes to 2021 why not start a social campaign that's all around CSR and use it as the platform to launch a year-long initiative your employees can do from home? It could be a physical task of trying to 'move' enough miles to take your round the world, a time donation by asking people to pledge as a telephone befriender for Age UK or even your very own #giftofgiving project to help those in need over the festive season. Whatever the cause, dial-up your social channels and share something culturally significant that will help re-instate your values and give your employees something good to feel about.


Social is the perfect place to show your company from the inside out, so why not consider an 'A Window Into...' series using Facebook or Instagram live? The latest features of both sites are the perfect builds to your already thriving social accounts and can show off your awesome employees to either your consumers or shed a light on them and their work internally. It's the perfect platform in these social times to also launch and test products or if you have closed social groups just for your employees - to host Feelgood Friday sessions celebrating peoples awesome work over the week. There's a world of opportunities and in short, is a more relaxed and casual way of getting your staffs attention, on platforms they already engage with and love.