The Brief: DFS faced a huge challenge in 2018 as they completed a merger with a former competitor and needed to bring all of their people together to deliver a major group-wide transformation. As communication was key, they called on top-b to generate a shift in mind-set and achieve a family mentality. How did we help? Top Banana created a new ‘people brand’ #GreatTogether which encouraged working together and starting conversations through a new set of group-wide values, which inspired specific and relevant behaviours in different business units. We consistently bought the new brand to life in creative ways, by re-branding everything from the HR and Payroll system to the DFS HQ into the #GreatTogether message, so the values would naturally become a part of everyday life. The Results Thanks to the effectiveness of the campaign and the commitment of the leadership team, the values are now common language across the group and are driving the desired behaviours. They’re present throughout the colleague journey in induction, training and performance management.


Having worked with Top Banana on their annual sales conference for the last 4 years, when all plans went out the window for a physical event, Virgin Media had to quickly change tactics and called upon Top Banana to create an immersive, motivating and celebratory sales conference that could reach all of their employees from afar…


The Brief As well as their ambition to grow their business by double, Experian wanted to show that data can do more than pull out facts and figures; it helps change people lives. Through a targeted campaign, Top Banana were asked to drive real emotional engagement– showcasing the power of Experian and helping employees understand the impact their work has on people’s lives. How did we help? Top Banana created a strategic campaign that targeted the data gurus of the company that may have been disengaged with the human/ customer side of Experian. Through an immersive AR experience, employees were given a sense of purpose as they were shown real life stories of people whose lives changed socially, economically, and personally, because of the data Experian uses – letting staff know that what they do helps empower people and make their dreams a reality. The Results Through a roadshow, intranet platform and internal strategic communications campaign that centred around the company’s existing core values – Top Banana helped Experian gain 3500 employee ambassadors who could be representatives for the business, understanding the power of data, the power of Experian and how what they do changes lives for the better.


Setting the scene The business has recently been through a challenging period, To get the business back to growth, Bacardi created a new ten-year global strategy that needed to be communicated throughout the business starting with senior leaders. The objective was to create a milestone Senior Leaders Summit bringing Bacardi’s global leaders together as one team and inspire them to deliver the best 10 years the business has ever seen.

Bringing Strategy to life The venue, Penha Longa Resort just outside Lisbon, was transformed into the home of Bacardi for the duration of the three-day event, with a bar-inspired backdrop to create the main plenary room. To fully immerse the Bacardi Primo’s in the new strategy the event included high-energy emotive films, interactive panel sessions, a TV style quiz show, breakouts involving interviews with actual customers and a consumer safari in Lisbon. To encourage ownership of Best 10 among all 160 leaders attending, every single person signed a statement of intent on the final day.

The Results "I think Top Banana was flawless from start to finish. I don’t think that “F” word has ever come out of my mouth!!! This whole meeting was something special from the beginning of our plotting and so important for the company. Just can’t thank you enough - and the whole team. You truly are family. " KC Kavanagh, Global Chief Communications Office, Bacardi