We've heard it all before – webinars are a bore, they don’t engage people, it’s not interactive enough. Well we’re here to tell you that IT’S A MYTH.

Webinars can be awesome and in times where face to face communication is a no go – it’s totally effective in bringing messages to life and can be incredibly innovative so long as you pre-plan.

What are the Benefits?

The simple benefit of a webinar is that you can contact hard to reach or un-available employees. The platform means you can connect and broadcast to thousands of people anywhere in the world which in turn saves you time and money, as it eliminates venue costs, the need to travel, logistics etc.

Webinar technology has come on leaps and bounds since the world’s first public web conferences became available in 1996. Due to technological advancements, the equipment required to deliver a webcast event is far more cost effective than you may be led to believe - with a ballpark, basic webcast streaming cost being around £10,000.

Content is King

Multi-media and content go hand in hand when it comes to webinars. Ensuring a mix of text, image, video and audience participation will mean a varied agenda that doesn't feel like death by PowerPoint. Plus when it comes to webinars - lots of slides aren't a bad thing! It's all about short amounts of information - presented in digestible, interactive chunks

With opportunities for live social feeds, quizzes, games and competitions – it can be as engaging as a live event and there's no reason to hold back on awesome hosts. Having someone lead the webinar, like an event, is a perfect way to make it feel like more of an occasion and having different people lead different sections will keep the information varied and the webinar fresh.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Cinema style webinars based in offices are the perfect way to create a buzz and cut down on steaming costs. They vary depending on the number of people who log on and how many locations the stream needs to get to - so to keep £ down, have fewer log ons in each streaming location and make the most of getting your employees together in one space.

For those who can’t dial in, the webcast can easily be recorded and we can quickly provide you with an edit that you can share on your Intranet or other platforms so those who miss it can get up to speed quickly and at a convenient time – no need to miss it and miss out!

Getting technical.

We can work with your inhouse IT team to do an initial discovery phase of your company IT infrastructure to work out if your current systems and internet speed can host the webinar.

We can work with your systems, or if they’re not up to it, we can bring the equipment along to make it happen- taking the hassle off you and ensuring we do all the leg work to get things up and running.