Clever technology means that you can get closer than ever to your delegates. Tracking their footfall and even their age – see how these solutions can help you prove ROI and gain insights into your audience like never before!


Showing ROI for live events has proved to be challenging. However, technology has found part of the solution with footfall and heat mapping analysis.

Where you have previously been reliant on the venue to provide quoted footfall, technology such as Pylon One can now detect not just the number of people at an exhibition, but also their average dwell time at displays and their overall exposure to your brand. Meaning you come away with tangible results of who went to your stand, and how long they were engaged for.


Though this may create GDPR concerns for some, face recognition systems have become exceptionally advanced and are able to processes images without ever accessing personal information.

As a tool it’s great for check in processes. By delegates uploading a photo of themselves pre-event, or by connecting their LinkedIn profile, attendees will have a quick face scan at check in kiosks upon arrival, and hey presto – they’re in! This removes any hunting for QR codes, finding emails with registration numbers, and removes the need to physically hand out badges as the kiosks can print them for you within seconds.

Another use of Face Recognition comes from tiny hidden cameras… Technology can detect visitors faces during events and determine their approximate age range, gender, and emotions. Potentially providing you with target audience information and how happy, amused or bored they were when viewing your stand/ product!

This type of mapping and delegate tracking is on the up and it is projected that by 2021, 565 million mapping technology products will be shipped out annually to clients across the world. So get on the bandwagon now!