Animation isn’t just Pixar movies and children’s cartoons.

Leveraging animation for live events and communications can transform your presentations, backdrops and videos; taking them to the next level and wowing your employees .

Animation can engage your audience at an emotional level, giving them that goose bump moment and truly connecting them with your messages; weather they view it from an auditorium, or their desk chair.


Turn your audiences head with animation, that can be put into every aspect of your event. Theming can run across event apps, presentations, videos and backdrops to immerse your audience in animation that screams innovation and forward thinking.

We recently produced a client event and themed it around countries which were areas of growth for the company. To accompany this idea, we centralised the event around an animation which was displayed in the video teaser, power point, invitations and pre/ post communications. Here's a snap shot of what we came up with...


Internal communications can come alive with animation. Sending a short film or static animation to employees can make your messages stand out and resonate with your audience. Make that email or newsletter into something more and sensationalise your communications.

When npower approached Top Banana to produce an animation film to demonstrate new ways of working within their office environments, this is what we came up with...