There’re not many events today that don’t include a form of virtual reality, but that’s not to say it’s lost its novelty. The technology is constantly developing, and gamification such a scavenger hunts and VR Worlds are going one step ahead of the “zombie games” you may have seen a couple of years ago. As well as gamification VR gives you the option for audience members to see products that may not even be built or off-site equipment that couldn’t fit in the event space. It also provides the opportunity to host virtual meetings with attendees that couldn’t make it on the day. The possibilities are endless!


The new and shiny sister product, AR has taken off in recent years and now provides the opportunity for audiences to engage in a completely new way. Augmented reality allows users to interact with computer generated overlays as they move within the real world, meaning it’s perfect for product x-rays, AR Apps, face recognition check in systems and even Pokémon Go style breakout sessions. AR is only just beginning to take off – so watch this space!