We’re a society of social media loving selfie takers, and that’s transpired into the world of events with the popularity of photobooths. Since they’ve become one of the all-time favourite entertainment pieces for events, the technology associated to them has gone super charged, as we look for even more ways to keep physical snapshots of our memories, from those nights we never want to forget.

Here are some of the coolest options for getting snaps at your event. The booth has had a serious makeover.


Make yourself into a 2 second loop of video that your audience can keep! Social Media approved.


You can now go one step further than just a photo and have a slow motion, high speed or even a 360 Glam Cam video booth – something you might have seen at celebrity award ceremonies! Video is a fantastic way to capture more than just your delegates, as it can even be used as a feedback booth on the night or to take a 360 picture of your event space before the guests arrive!


Definitely worthy of an Instagram post, the magic selfie mirror has started to crop up in 2018 and we think it’s here to stay. The interactive mirror can talk, take photos and even joke with your audience, making it the perfect interactive entertainment piece that also looks amazing. Many also have options to either print or email photos to your audience – great for party nights where print outs can be easily lost!


Something that can be used for day events, not just evening parties. Invite all of your guests to join in and create a huge piece of art using their selfies! Ask them to tweet or Instagram their photos using a # and watch as a team prints off the selfies to create a piece of art. It’s a fantastic legacy piece to keep, as well as being super engaging and a constant focal point throughout your event.