Artificial Intelligence is no longer something out of a science fiction novel or American TV show… We’re seeing developments in robotics every year, and there are now some incredible commercially available options for live events.

They can be entertainment, handy helpers, guest speakers or panel hosts - with artificial intelligence, the possibilites are endless.

Here are our favorite futuristic friends...


Mio is small, sociable and efficient. Designed to be a help bot that interacts and assists people, he can sell or deliver products as well as entertain audiences and even collect feedback! The smallest of the robots featured here, but perhaps the most loveable…


Sophia is a full Saudi Arabian citizen. She’s also a robot. The first of her kind, she has a sense of humour, can express feelings and her AI is designed around human values such as wisdom, kindness and compassion. She can interview panels and delegates, host meet and greets and much more! To see her live is a one of a kind experience.

Top Banana and Sophia are old friends, as we have previously had her chair a panel discussion on artificial intelligence, at one of our client events.

Sophia was seriously impressive and offered an interesting point of view on the discussions, with pre-assigned questions but also some of her own unique answers and points of view on the future.


Titan is renowned for entertainment, family and corporate events as a magnet for PR, marketing and brand awareness. Known for his comedic antics he’s guaranteed to liven up any event with his amazing crowd interaction.