We’ve been creating incredible reward and recognition programmes for our clients since 2018.

Since launching, we have done everything from taking groups to climb glaciers in Iceland to helicopter rides over Victoria Falls in Zambia and hosting cinema nights in the African savanna.

We are experts at creating wanderlust for your delegates and giving them an experience far beyond their annual all-inclusive. With our full-service offering, we arrange everything from pre-travel campaigns and logistics to the onsite magic and post-trip feedback. Basically, you need look no further!

However, you don’t always have to go to the other side of the world to provide an out of this world experience.

Incentives have evolved to be more than a single moment in time, so, we now also provide clients with long term, digital incentive programmes that reward employees with experiences they can enjoy without even leaving their homes...


While 2020 was taking travel off the table, we came up with new ways to incentivise your team, which means, now that travel is back on the cards, we have an even greater range of solutions for you to reward your team with. The new world is all about choice and we’re ready to provide you with a service that suits your employees and business model, a programme entirely unique to your business and your objectives.

So, what's the new normal? It’s whatever you want it to be…