Top Banana was asked to produce an animation promo for multinational insurance company Aviva and their new ‘Smart Working’ approach.

The brief was to take people on a journey to show them what Smarter working is, how each of them can relate to it with their new proposed worker types: Huggers – who are anchored by technology or their role, Hoppers – who are completely flexible and can move around the space and move away from ‘Hoggers’ and ‘Hoarders’ – the people who keep space to themselves and build up things they don’t really need. After working with a creative writer to develop the narrative, we produced character and background assets – the main Hugger and Hopper characters were subsequently used on printed T-shirts for the business too. Our in-house team of After Effects editors animated these characters, bringing the story to life….completed with voice over and M&E track.


“Thanks so much for your help with the project… just seen the finished result for the first time and it’s really fab as expected and the reason we wanted to work with you to help bring this vision to life. Well done to all involved. We’ll look forward to using this as one of our key Smart working engagement tools going forward.” “As per previous experience working with Ian was a fantastic process. Although I wasn't able to engage fully throughout the project, both he and the team did a fantastic job of developing scripts, concepts and aligning and adjusting the work as the project evolved. Even in challenging circumstances with the project scope being adjusted once or twice during production by ourselves (the client) the work still progressed quickly and expectations were met.”