We are really starting to see an increase in business leaders talking about and taking culture seriously and as such, it’s earned an important place on the boardroom agenda.

Culture in business has never been more powerful, especially if you create one

that is centred around trust, transparency and collaboration. But culture isn’t something that can be ‘fixed’ overnight and to a certain extent it’s not something that can be learnt. But what part should Internal Communications play in creating and maintaining company culture and making their business a great place to


This webinar discusses how internal communications professionals can adopt a number of engagement levers to build and maintain a great business culture. Richard Bridge, Founder and CEO of Creative Communications agency Top Banana, talks about the importance of consistent communication, building trust

and ensuring authentic leadership in building a great business culture and

provide top tips for IC professionals to takeaway.

Richard will be joined by Karin Weaver, Head of Internal Communications at

Virgin Media Business, who will talk about what her role is in keeping the ‘Virgin Spirit’ alive. Karin will provide best practice examples of how they engage their employees through different events and initiatives throughout the year, from their annual sales kick off to their leadership meetings and internal communications campaigns.


Why company culture has finally made its way to the boardroom agenda and the impact it’s having on businesses

What role you, as an internal communications professional, should play in building and maintaining culture.

Learn different engagement levers that can help engage your employees and build a positive cultur

Hear from a fellow IC professional on proven methods of engagement that support business culture