By Emma Collins, Client Relationship Director

The importance of business culture and why it is key to business success...

We are really starting to see an increase in business leaders talking about and taking culture seriously and as such it’s earned an important place on the boardroom agenda. But what has made business leaders finally sit up and listen?

With unemployment being at its lowest in decades and staff retention rates rapidly declining, the power has reverted from employers to employees. Millennials have been a major driver in the transition of workplace culture and are demanding more from their employers than ever before. Today, with such public and social access to an employee brand, if you’re not a ‘great place to work’ you’ll be found out very quickly and risk losing talent to a competitor who offers the all-important culture that millennials are actively seeking.

Culture isn’t something that can be ‘fixed’ overnight and to a certain extent it’s not something that can be learnt. It’s behaviour, values, rewards, rituals, office environment and I know it sounds naff but it’s a ‘feeling’. You can ‘feel’ culture of an organisation when you walk in – just by observing how people treat you, the space that people work in and the energy around you.

This is something we take seriously at Top Banana. To my four top tips go to the full blog on our website and see how we as a company maintain trust, support and communication with one another.